Thursday, October 20, 2011

10 Questions You Should Ask to start a weight-loss program

Are you going to start a weight loss program? How do you know it will be effective for you? Perhaps you can't know until you've finished it, but it's really wasting time if there is nothing change in your weight. So, before sign up, you should a few following questions:
  • What does the weight loss program consist of?
  • Does it include counseling, group sessions or classes?
  • Do I need follow a specific menu or use packaged foods?
  • Will I need to keep food records?
  • Do you I need supplements to follow this plan?
  • Will you help me be more physically active?
  • Can you help me make behavior changes?
  • What are the staff or leader's qualifications?
  • At what rate can I expect to lose weight?
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