Friday, October 28, 2011

Weight Loss solution for Halloween

weight loss programs solution for Halloween
We all love Halloween - the problem is, it can throw our easy weight loss programs or medical weight loss plan completely off track, even when you’re using FDA approved medical weight loss pills. With candy everywhere for weeks on end and the holidays on the way, this time of year can completely sabotage quick weight loss programs and medical weight loss efforts, and result in very unwanted weight gain.

How could it not with all the bowls of free candy lying around. Treats at the workplace, treats at the bank, treats sent home with your kids, treats underneath your car it is not just ONE day of a candy free-for-all, it is All Month Long!

Halloween Trick #1: As busy moms we are vulnerable to mindless eating. Mindless eating PLUS an endless supply of Candy = Weight Gain. Grabbing a piece of candy here, a handful of candy there will add an extra 200 to 500 candy calories a day! They add up much faster than you realize. Just one handful of candy corn is about 110 calories. So be aware how often you indulge and how much you are eating when you do. (Try writing it down and scare the fat out of you!)

Halloween Trick #2 - Fat Free not FREE of Calories. Did you ever look at how much sugar is in the fat free advertised candies? Same goes for sugar free candy options. They taste good for a reason; many are loaded with fat - and the worst kind: Trans Fat. Take a look at the label and watch out!

Halloween Trick #3 - Burn Excess Calories with CARDIO! Now is the time you will begin seeing and hearing about all the quick and easy ways to lose weight over the holidays - especially Cardio - which you are told will melt the holiday calories off your body. Heads up, too much cardio will backfire, slow your metabolism and help you add extra pounds in the new year. Cardio is not the end all, be all solution to fat loss. Do not waste your precious time. Instead turn your efforts towards short burst resistance training and intervals.

My Halloween wish to you is to Be Aware and Be Prepared!

Many women see the holidays as a time where nutrition labels don’t matter because all "treats" are bad and everyone is expected to indulge. During this time of year it is even more important to look at the nutrition facts and be aware of serving sizes. This will allow you to enjoy the holidays without sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

You can have fun and enjoy the treats that come with the season, but balance them with supportive nutrition and short burst exercise. Turn this festive occassion into your Holiday Weight Loss Solution. Put these tricks and tips into action come January you can be 10-15 pounds lighter!
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