Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Green Tea Weight Loss Benefits

I'm pretty sure that I've referenced drinking green tea as a weight loss strategy in several articles here on this site, but you probably would like to have more information about this wonder brew, so here it is...

Green tea is a powerful drink that has been consumed regularly by people in Asia for several thousand years now.
It has strong health benefits that are believed to play a direct, positive impact on weight control, which can be contributed to the fact that this beverage contains many polyphenols. Polyphenols contain antioxidants that can fight free radicals from attacking healthy cells.

What makes green tea so special is the production process. With most black teas that we commonly drink, the nutrients can be lost because during processing dried tea leaves are used, where as with green tea only fresh leaves are used and steamed at very high temperatures.

Although green tea isn't exactly caffeine free, it has much lower milligrams of caffeine when compare to other tea drinks. Green tea aids in weight loss, because although it gives you the pep of coffee, it does something opposite coffee that is nothing short of a miracle for people looking to lose weight.

Coffee raises insulin levels, and insulin can sabotage fat loss. Green tea does not do this will lower insulin levels, as a result your body fat will decrease.

Drinking 3 cups of green tea during the day can raise your metabolism by 4% over the course of 24 hours, which means better efforts for losing weight, as if your body is more active this will help you. Green tea also will help inhibit glucose from turning to fat cells, the drink itself is extremely low calorie, and many people like to include it as part of their weight loss plan, because it can help control your appetite.

That's just an overview. I'm sure that when you do a little research on this you will find many more interesting facts and benefits about green tea, but after reading this -- does this not make you want to start incorporating it into your diet plan?
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