Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Life Extension Optimized Saffron with Satiereal

Product Features
- 60 Vegetarian Capsules
- This supplement should be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise program
- Let Optimized Saffron with Satiereal® help you break the cycle of eating more than you want to?and eat what you want, when you want.

The most noticeable difference I've felt is in my appetite since taking this supplement (just finishing my third week now). It doesn't curve your appetite like fat loss pills and definitely doesn't give you that jittery nervous feeling either. It's more of just that I've been thinking less about eating and as a result don't have nearly as many craving in between lunch and dinner (which I've always been notoriously known for).

I would not be able to comment on the mood stabilizing effects this supplements offers as after the first week I began taking phenibut powder, 100 Grams (3.53 Oz) Phenibut Bulk Powder which I've been taking since the second week. I was told it is also helps with appetite control although I use it to help with my mood swings (helps me keep my emotions in balance) and it also helps me sleep better. Works surprisingly well for me. I'm sleeping better, eating less, and feeling just plain happier. If you're looking for natural solutions to elevating your mood and controlling the appetite, I highly recommend these supplements.

Life Extension Optimized Saffron with Satiereal Veg Cap, 60-Count

One of my friends also tried using this product and here's his opinion about it:

About 6 months ago I started Medifast to lose weight. The foods filled me up and tasted good, but I was still struggling with urges and desires to eat other, more forbidden foods. After reading on the life extension website about the benefits of their optimized saffron supplement I checked amazon's reviews and received more positive feedback.
So I tried it. I am currently on my third bottle of the saffron. I take it as recommended, 1 pill in the morning, 1 pill at bedtime. The first bottle I took 1 pill each morning, and it helped, but not as much. I love this stuff! I found the prices here on Amazon to be the best, better even than life extension's member pricing.
I am someone who struggles with a strong urge to eat sweets, aka a sweet tooth. Even though the foods on medifast are filling, and many of them are sweet, like shakes and bars. I still found my mind wanting and expecting more, but taking the saffron 2x a day has stopped all my cravings. I am able to stay on my eating plan and to date have lost about 60 pounds. I credit this supplement as being my will power in a bottle!


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