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Tips for quick weight loss


Beautiful and slender figure is important for every woman no matter whether 20, 30 or 40 years. Overweight except that create discomfort, decreased self-esteem, and often not friendly appearance excess weight can cause different diseases (most of the cardiovascular system). Nowadays women want to lose weight primarily to be beautiful not a bad thing! Each of us wants to be liked and loved. That is why we have prepared some tips on how to achieve the effect of rapid weight loss.

Quick weight loss diet

The first tip that will give you to lose weight quickly is to exclude from your diet all sources of carbohydrates than fruit. Fruit sugar does not adversely affect the body and leads to the formation of fat. Carbohydrates of granulated sugar, however, are a major source of energy for the body break down easily and when not consumed is converted into fat, which accumulates most often in the abdomen, buttocks and trouble and create exceptional difficulties when we want to lose weight. Process of weight loss required to be missing and some drinks.

Quick weight loss diet example

Here are products you should avoid
Crystal white sugar
Milk fat content above 2%
Carbonated drinks

These are just a few of the products of which must be missing to get really fast weight loss.

Here are products that can quickly eat into your diet
One egg per day
Yogurt with 2% fat
Water in large quantities

It is advisable to limit your meals the latter must be 17 and 30 and then no eating only liquids. Best fresh juices, but if not in stock may just mineral water.

Fast weight loss with exercise
The intensity of weight-loss is directly proportional to the amount of calories built. While diet can adjust caloric intake exercises are active way to lose weight when you have gained extra pounds!

Among the wide variety of exercises certainly are the most effective aerobic exercises for weight loss. Some of them called cardio exercises, it is also true. These exercises make your heart rate to accelerate - the heart begins to izstlasva more blood, you start to breathe more intensively and all this leads to burning more calories and therefore weakening. If you want to achieve results fast, then you must have very high muscle activity. I recommend the following exercises to achieve the effect - rapid weight loss:

Running - 4km every day

Squats - 70broya least 10 pieces divided into 7 series are for the whole day
Crunches - at least 100 per day
Climbing stairs - every day descent and climb the stairs rather than elevators
2 weeks of aerobic
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